sugar free day 1

today went fine. i'm considering myself to have officially 'started' by noon today, since this morning i finished up the last of some vanilla yogurt that i didn't want to go to waste. the rest of my current chocolate stash (reese's, half a pint of ben and jerry's, brownie mix) will go untouched until the end of february. i may just hide it so i don't have to look at any of it, or i may give it away, or even compost it if i get into a fit of anti-sugar frenzy. sometimes i do that.

i didn't have a headache today, and had a banana as a late afternoon snack. i thought of chocolate when i got bored, but figured out other stuff to keep myself busy instead.

with my first posts about this journey on facebook i've gotten a lot of recommendations. here they are, for your perusal and consideration. i'd love to hear if you have any suggestions!

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