day five sugar free

what can i say? still no sugar. today when i got to work i actually felt Awake and ready to go. most days i am still half asleep, even though i've been awake two hours already. oh, and another thing! my teeth do not feel Gross all the time now that i'm off sugar. i actually forgot to brush them for a day and a half cause they felt fine. so now i have to remind myself - hey, brush your teeth! since i'm not slathering sweets all over my face.

i've been reading more over at mark's daily apple and the primal blueprint forum, and i am feeling confident that i'll move in that direction over the next few weeks. i started a journal in their forum that you can read here: joan's primal blueprint journal.

i went grocery shopping today, and i think it's the first time in... almost a year that i have bought Only healthy, Real foods at the store. that felt good. i almost expected the cashier to do a double take, since they all know me and that i mostly only buy ice cream and chocolate. i did not look her in the eye, though, so maybe she did have a look for me. who knows. it is christmas eve, after all, and they were busy.

had another half cup of kombucha today, this time in the morning. it is so Gross! i hope i end up liking it, cause Man that tastes nasty. and plain yogurt? not my thing. i did Not enjoy my breakfast this morning, but i felt good and had plenty of energy for work, so - . eventually i will like all sorts of healthy foods. as it is, i'm still worlds better than i was at age 18.

when i got home from work today i wanted a snack. i ate some chips, and had popcorn after dinner (dinner was a salad with tomatoes, radishes, and chicken). also my housemate let me try a date, since she says they're good for kicking chocolate cravings. i have always thought i would hate dates. the texture was not nearly as bad as i expected, and the taste was... neutral, so far, i think. may change in the future.

oh, and i'm gonna get one of my housemates to take a 'before' picture of me, so i can see if my overall shape changes with my big diet shift. i think i might be around 170 right now, which is the highest i have ever been. i hit it once before, but came back down. the Lowest i've been was the middle of last year, i dropped to 145 - haven't weighed that much since i was 14! it freaked me out. normally i am 150-155, and if i'm less active i'll scoot up into the 160's. i have been plenty active this year, but i've also been sharing a Lot of meals with the family i live with (when we were at the farm, too), and that means i've been getting a lot of hearty food, good meats and fats. and eating a lot of sugar on Top of that. so i'm interested to see how my weight shifts with still a pretty active lifestyle, no sugar, and better diet overall. we shall see!! =)

where do you do most of your shopping in the grocery store? produce section? boxes? cans? candy? deli? it's amazing how much of the store is full of not-food, but boy did i take advantage of that for the past few years. i'd be interested to hear how you relate to your local grocery store and what you find there.


Kylara Miene said…
You asked about the grocery stores and I was thinking about that yesterday. I went to the store with the intention of buying butter, walnuts, and cream cheese (because I was making muffins with cream-cheese icing, the best kind of icing there is).

Normally, at a store, I walk into the produce section and grab some vegetabley things without worrying too hard at this point--with some intention of buying things that are organic, local, or at least in-season, but at plenty of stores this is impossible and you must eat.

Then I will walk around the back, where there's usually the dairy, meat, deli, something like that, and don't actually look into the aisles unless I am specifically looking for something there (walnuts, baking supplies, spices, vinegar, oil, canned goods).

I will then get dairy things: milk, cheese, eggs, cottage cheese; I eat these a lot. I think about buying meat then usually don't.

Yesterday I went in and said, "it is my birthday, I will get whatever things appeal to me." It was a really weird change from my usual shopping! I ended up spending $50.

For me, money is my major limiting factor, followed by guilt for supporting a terrible food industry. I don't generally buy pre-prepared foods because I don't know exactly how guilty I should feel about them because their contents are filled with mystery ingredients. (You see, it is not that I don't eat them, just that I have to know how much guilt should be involved in eating them.) I do keep "emergency food" in some places--canned soup, mostly, for those times when cooking is somehow implausible.