town life

my bed 'room' with privacy curtain
i've been living in town for six weeks now, and it seems like by now i ought to share with you some of what it's like to be back 'indoors'. the house we're in is pretty shabby, but bigger than the shed by a lot, and reliably weather proof. having internet access is nice, and steady electricity even on cloudy days. we have county water, but filter it through our berkey water filters (mine sits on a lower shelf so the girls can fill their glasses without help). we have a toilet, but we don't use it... we use a bucket toilet instead, and empty it once or twice a week into the bins at my place. we also compost our food scraps and bring them to my land to compost as well.

a couple planks sitting on end tables
and buckets, covered in fabric, provide
covered shelving for all my stuff -
as well as a bit of altar space
the stove is one the family already had, and runs on propane. we keep our heat at a luxurious 61-63. and while we use electric lighting, we also get decent sunlight through the windows during the day.

my clothes got an extra rinse yesterday
in the rain
there's a hoop house out back with transplanted and fall-sown greens, as well as a cold frame where we'll be stratifying seeds soon for spring planting. and, between two trees in the side yard, are two clotheslines, since our combined laundry setups sit under the carport and we all do laundry by hand.

we ordered chickens a few weeks ago.
they live in a stock tank in the mud room,
and are way cute!
all in all, i'm pretty happy with most of our 'house' habits. it's nice to have some luxury while i'm doing paid work and while it's cold out. it definitely makes it easier for me to be productive, having tables and electricity around. i can't wait until we have one of our treadle sewing machines up and running. sharing a kitchen and meals is wonderful, as well as combining bulk food stores for the winter.

the 'resource yard' - tool shed, bike shed, recycling center,
laundry room...

oh, and then there's the 'resource yard' under the carport... it serves as tool shed, laundry room, recycling center, bike shed, and more, especially after we've just been to an auction. you can see some of the fencing we scored recently, along with big hickory logs that jack is shaping into a shaving horse. we cut them at the conservation area nearby along with a bunch of firewood.