frickin technology.

i finally (fingers crossed) have steady internet access here in town. i have shredded my scruples and set aside a linux os for windows xp after driver updates, software updates, and other gallant attempts to make fedora believe that my wireless card works, which windows seems to have no problem with. hopefully soon i will magically have photoshop again so that i can functionally work on my calendars, since gimp does not yet agree with me and i have calendars long overdue.

i have struggled to use my printer since late spring, which has finally culminated in a month's time spent acquiring various color ink cartridges via small local store and the internet, which is surprisingly tricky with paypal as my only source of fake money.

my usb drives, which until this past winter were the keepers of all my digital information, have somehow magically deleted about half of my music files, and the largest drive had the plastic casing broken off by a four year old, so i now have to hold it precisely in place while using it.

my camera still functions well, though i still have to hold the battery door shut with a vengeance to keep it turned on.

my phone continues to be semi-functional. it's latest quirk, aside from a pathetic battery life and occasional screen freezes, is refusing to acknowledge the button for speakerphone. instead, it chooses to turn speakerphone on and off at various times when i open or close my phone.

i also have a solar/hand crank radio that was brand new this spring and the antenna has already partially broken off (with a surprisingly small amount of applied force) and the clock on it likes to decide on its Own what time it is... and let me tell you, it's not followin the sun.

my small solar battery charger still works okay... but since i lost the one adapter that would connect it to both my phone and camera, it'll be of no use anytime soon.

and that, my friends, is the current sad state of my electronic capabilities. if i had any money or a heart that longed more for functioning technology than a world in which it didn't exist, i might actually buy new or at least more practical tech-ware. as it is, this is where i shall stay, and hopefully will accomplish more this winter than i have over the last six months out on the land.

i look forward to actually labeling the last eleven pages of photos on my flickr account, finishing uploads from the last few months including several videos, updating and adding to my etsy shop, and getting a year ahead and more with my spiral moon calendars.

other updates later.