mostly through summer

summer seems to have flown by. it's about to be september and i can't believe it. this was my first time being on the land in august at all - it's such a treat to meet the land in new guises, to walk the northern slope and watch the progression of blooms. from wintercress and the first yarrow to wild bergamot, black eyed susan, chicory, queen anne's lace and sunflowers, to the newly opened goldenrod, agrimony, and vervain... i have had so many beautiful views to soak up and such wonderful harvests for herbal medicines.

yesterday i started two jars of goldenrod vinegar and hung up bunches of boneset and agrimony to dry. the goldenrod vinegar is supposed to be really tasty, as well as great for strong bones, a healthy heart, and stable emotional health. the boneset as an infusion will fight off flu come autumn, and the agrimony makes a medicinal brew that supports kidneys and urinary function as well as a smattering of other minor health complaints.

i've eaten my first handful of ripe tomatoes from my gardens, and the hornworms tried to get a meal out of them, too. luckily the walter girls picked 'em all off for me. the cabbage loopers got all my greens, and i'm about to sow a late-ish fall garden to see if i can't bring in a good harvest of greens and roots for the late fall and winter. i'll also be putting in a decent amount of garlic. my corn got nowhere, same for my squashes. i think this was mostly due to the complete lack of rain through july (and high heat - lots of days over 100).

august has been significantly more pleasant - i actually comfortably wore a long sleeve shirt yesterday and enjoyed a three mile walk home from the general store in the rain. i am really enjoying the sneak preview of autumn weather.

my rain barrels are looking pretty fancy lately with a reed grass cover to keep them out of the sun, and my northern awning frame is up and temporarily covered with burlap sacks. it's a thrill to see changes happening around my place. i'm solidifying plans to stay for the winter and am really frickin excited about that eventuality. i can't wait to see the land covered in snow, dying down and coming back in march and april.

also, i am officially a member at ____ farms now! that's a big milestone for me. and i just submitted my land use plan for approval, which will give me the freedom to pursue any of my various projects without waiting for individual permissions. full steam ahead!

for as-yet unlabeled photos of all this progress, check out my summer photo set on flickr.