heat-breaking moon

a mild day
                unexpectedly blooms
        beyond a fortnight of sunfire,
the midst of summer   parted
    by your chess player's hands,
your silken form.

heat breaks into obeisance
as to a goddess blazing,
                                     as you do,
               yet still mocking
                    of those     marble maidens,
            war-clad or otherwise.

i recline in the surety
                     their resentment
as you lean, lithe and resplendent,
back into the moonlight,
                into the candle light,
                       into the dawn light-

your loosening into pleasure
                       a shedding
           of that shy skin.
with a layer's descent
      you glow,

and the sun retreats
       into mild-mannered decency,
gainsaid at long last
                  midst these blazing days,
                               this blazing goddess,
flushed and frenzied moonlight,
                      our sweat a new salt lake;
all foreign, sky-flung founts of heat