one month in

i've been here over a month, and am still happy to be here. i would be really lonely and sad if franny weren't with me. she is someone to talk to and make faces at and go on walks with all the time and it's great.

the biggest hindrance to progress is the way i go about things - since i'm trying to avoid spending money, when i want to start a project everything takes way longer - gathering salvaged materials, sharing rides to town, finding the tools i need for cheap or borrowing them - all these things take figuring out, networking, waiting for the right day, and then finally putting things together at the end.

that said, my floor is coming along. the pallets i'm using had square bit screws, which has been a major hassle. i'm almost finished making a wash counter, and i have a bunch of measurements and sketches and a materials list for my awnings. i think i'll thatch the awnings and use the burlap for roll-up walls.

still finding it hard to curb my not-healthy food desires while here. it'll be easier when there are tomatoes and peppers in the garden, and salad greens. i'm only growing things that i'm excited to eat.

living here is still proving to be the happiest living situation i've ever been in. there are still ups and downs every couple of days, but i have plenty of space to be 'down', sleep in, slack off, and then get back to work on my own time without hard feelings. poor moods pass quickly when there's no one to indulge them. and they come less often than in other living situations.

one month down, five to go. better get off the computer and hang out with franny, heat up my food for potluck. hopefully your gardens are prospering, your mood is flying high, and your friends are near.


sinoth said…
glad to hear you're doing well! it's easy to forget to post when things are on the up, so thank you for the update :)
memeticist said…
It is going to take longer. In fact the convenience of contemporary life is a big part of why it is so dangerous.

"i'll have a strawberry in February" Not thinking that they need to fly halfway around the world to get to you. "I will just buy this tool" means yet another idle device with huge energy costs in fabrication will sit around most of the time unused.

Thank you for taking the time do do it without money. We need it to be the core philosophy of a new movement.