at the farm again

i am at _____ farms again! it's wonderful. i am sleeping 11-12 hours a night, snuggling with franny (the pup) when it's cold, working a couple hours each day, visiting with friends and neighbors, enjoying potlucks, and getting the garden going.

i have seedlings in the garden and some in a neighbor's greenhouse. the whole garden is fenced and mulched. my three sided shed has a fourth wall made of tarps, a little awning outside to protect some of my larger tools, and beans seeded along a trellis on the south side for sun protection in the summer.

i just got a bunch of pallets from town (thanks to the neighbors and tom, dan, and tereza for their support in the trips) which i'll make a floor out of, and later a wall and bed platform once i get a few more. there's mulch on the shed floor right now, and franny and i sleep on a fold out cot. i also just got propane, so i can cook my food rather than eating from the cooler. it's good for my health to have to walk three miles to the nearest milkshake.

all my bulk foods are put away safely in a metal barrel or in jars on my pantry, which will get closed in in the next few days to keep the mice out and keep things from falling.

it's been pretty wet here, but today is nice (30mph winds!) and dry and sunny. i've done my first load of laundry, made popcorn already, and in general am settling in well. franny is doing great. i love the freedom and the support i'm feeling from other folks in the communities. more updates (including videos & pictures) next week when i am at a computer again. now that it's sunny i ought to be able to charge more batteries for camera use. hooray for mini solar!


fullfreezer said…
Woo Hoo! Glad you're back in the midwest! I'll drop you a line sometime to see if there is anything we can bring your way when we get down that direction. Right now we're frantically trying to get a chicken coop built between rain showers.