still alive

i'm still out here in kansas, chugging along day by day. i know there are still a handful of things on that list i'm supposed to cover - hopefully i will get to those soon. in the meantime, maybe you could pop over to my flickr page and enjoy some beautiful flowers and other recent pictures i've taken - here's my summer set, for instance.

what have i been up to? work, of course. also, still

-washing laundry by hand
-using cloth wipes
-making books and spiral moon calendars
-drinking minty herbal iced tea instead of costly fruit juice
-biking to work a few days a week
-saving up money and budgeting
-enjoying varying amounts of cool autumn weather
-sewing clothing and wipes for myself
-trying really hard not to buy 'snack' type food and convenience food when i'm away from home

my big accomplishment for the week was to send off the very first calendar book - four seasons of spiral moon calendars bound into a coptic-stitched, handmade journal. it was so beautiful! i sent it to SageWoman magazine in the hopes that they will review my calendars and get my work out there for folks to see. i also made a calendar book for myself, and i love it so far. i've got seven straight days of work ahead of me, but i hope to use spare hours to make more of these books and offer the first ones for sale in my etsy shop very soon. so keep an eye out!