connections - awesome natural builder blogs

ziggy's house, as i saw it during my first visit to the ecovillage in october 2008. the black stuff is epdm (basically pond liner) for his roof, which is waiting for sod so it can become a living roof. the epdm was the most expensive item purchased for his home.

this'll be a quick one. on days when i'm really low on inspiration and am hunting for hope and proof that there's good stuff going on out there, i look for blogs or web sites from folks who want to live in a way similar to me. now i've already got a few regulars, mainly risa (who is not a natural builder per se, but is a homesteader and an incredible writer) and ziggy. ziggy is a young guy at the ecovillage (right next door to shagbark) who built his own house from april 2008 to summer 2009. it is incredibly similar to my dream home, and he built it himself with no prior construction experience, for $3,000.

talk about good inspiration. anyway, a few months ago ziggy linked to some other natural builders, and the one that has captured my heart the most is this lady on the east coast who is building her own home along with some friends. her blog and pictures and the way she describes the process are a big part of what keeps me going on my worst days. maybe you'll enjoy her stories, too!

the 'stuff to post about' list:

-herb harvesting/infusions/use of fresh herbs/tinctures
-making pants/making clothing
-growing herbs in the garden
-growing veggies, garden details
-my work vs. hogwarts
-burn salve
-the view from laundry day
-awesome natural builder blogs
-the search for land/money/building credit
-dental health/sustainable toothcare
-sustainable clothes washing
-sustainable home/dishes/cleaning
-embroidering project (jeans)
-recent crafts - stamps, giraffe puppet, clothespin bag