350.org and the 10/10/10 work parties

hey, does anyone out there know about 350.org? it's an organization focused on the amount of carbon in the atmosphere - scientists say that if we can get it back down to 350 parts per million we will have a safer world.

so the whole organization is about getting everyday folks to participate in clean energy solutions and cutting down our carbon output, especially all on the same day and taking pictures so that we can send a strong message to lawmakers around the world that their constituents are both serious about climate change, and doing something about it themselves.

events, also called 'actions', can be big or small. in some places whole schools or neighborhoods or businesses will get together and install solar panels, or wind turbines, or plant food forests and gardens. some places have been doing oil spill cleanup and restoration from natural disasters. other groups of neighbors and friends will go on bike rides or plant trees around their neighborhood to spread the word that there is change happening and that people are stepping up.

the next big day of action is coming soon - it's 10/10/10, the global work party. i've been thinking about it for awhile, but haven't had the motivation to figure something big out on top of all the other things i've been doing day to day. but, i would like to participate. i'm thinking i'll get together with a few friends here in manhattan, kansas and go for a bike ride around town with 350 signs on our shirts or bikes. we'll make a scenic trail or a good view of manhattan the end of our ride, pose with our homemade 350.org banner, and take a picture to share with the world to show that we're doing something about climate change (for instance, one of my friends bikes around campus rather than driving, and i've been biking 15 miles to work a few days a week to make less trips with my truck).

have you heard of 350.org? are you doing anything on 10/10/10? if you did do something, what would you be most interested in? and what would it take for you to actually do it?


Nice blog. You go, girl.
fullfreezer said…
There is a 350 rally and other events on the Pentacrest lawn at the U of I on 10/10/10. We'll probably go, although someone had the nerve to schedule another event at the same time that we usually go to. Hmm, decisions, decisions....
We're also fortunate to have Bill McKibben in town on the 13th to speak. I may need to rearrange my schedule for that.