the view from laundry day: evolution of a black eyed susan

remember that planter i mentioned, out by the back stoop? 

while our neighbor's gardens were popping with black eyed susans, ours were working on tight little buds, filling me with anticipation. 

i was excited to find them at the local market on sale for half off, and bought them once i remembered my morning walk to school as a child. 

i used to walk down a hill, past a neighbor's house with lush, full gardens.

by the back corner of her house was a beautiful, 10' round patch of black eyed susans.

they bloomed for a long time, and i remember walking by every day and looking into their sweet flower faces and smiling at them.

now, finally, the black eyed susans in my washtub planter are doing well enough that i can show you most of the beautiful stages of their budding and flowering.

the 'stuff to post about' list:
-herb harvesting/infusions/use of fresh herbs/tinctures
-making pants/making clothing
-growing herbs in the garden
-growing veggies, garden details
-my work vs. hogwarts
-burn salve
-the view from laundry day
-awesome natural builder blogs
-the search for land/money/building credit
-dental health/sustainable toothcare
-sustainable clothes washing
-sustainable home/dishes/cleaning
-embroidering project (jeans)
-recent crafts - stamps, giraffe puppet, clothespin bag