sewing - patching/embroidering jeans project

since november i've been working on this pair of jeans. they're my favorite pants - i actually bought two pairs of them about four years ago because they fit so well. needless to say, after living on farms they've been roughed up quite a bit, and are basically in constant need of patching.

after this last overhaul, they're close to being more patch than original pants. but, i still love 'em.

the deal was that one thigh had a huge tear, and the other had very thin denim that was just waiting for a snag. i decided to try embroidering a mandala on a patch for one of the legs, and thought it would be a quick project.

it only took about six months. hah. of course, i worked on it here and there, in spare moments.

anyway - here it is for you to see. they're finished now, but of course now that i can wear them again, the butt patch has torn, so i've gotta re-do that one as well. i had been patching them with beautiful, thin fabric before - i expect these heavy duty denim patches to last a long time.

and, while i was at it, i hemmed up the bottoms, which were a bit too long, and always got wet and dragged under my shoes. much better now!


Sydney said…
I just discovered your blog and love this patch. I'd would like to see what other patchwork you have done on them and certainly hope you are still wearing them. I don't like giving up comfortable jeans.