sealing wax, stamps, planter, seeds, clothespins...

here are a number of random bits of my life that i've been documenting with pictures lately.

i sent out a handmade garden/puppy/happy green life newsletter to about two-dozen friends and relatives in july. i'm hoping it'll be the start of a seasonal newsletter that will help me keep in touch with friends without the mighty challenge of trying to hand-write something to tons of people.

i'll be adding more and more people to the list for the next two seasons, but will only Keep sending out newsletters to those who reply (by phone, email, letter, or facebook) and say that they actually want to Get them. postage costs a lot, and i can't afford to send to folks who don't want to receive 'em anyway!

i carved out two new rubber stamps for book making recently. when i make my garden journals with cereal boxes for the cover base, i end up with these little odd pieces that i've been turning into plain brown books. stamping seems like a good way to brighten them up.

i'm using this little notebook as my food journal. step two in the 'sugar addicts total recovery program' is to master the practice of food journaling. i've got step one down pat, but have been struggling with journaling for months now. it's hard!

i put together this planter next to our back stoop a few weeks ago. it's a wash tub that i got at the dog & gun exchange in rutledge, missouri - i used it as a wash bin for a little while, but it's got a few punctures in the bottom, so i decided to haul it back to kansas and convert it into a planter. i used some extra topsoil from the pile that made the garden, added some compost, and a bunch of mega-discounted bedding plants - two black eyed susans, and eight ornamental sweet potato vines. it's looking good these days so long as i remember to water it.

these beautifully diverse wildflower seeds got scattered over our new garden space, up against the back of the house. it had been covered in black plastic, and was just gathering weeds. we happened to have a bunch of topsoil left from the truckload we bought for the garden, so over a month or two i barrowed it all across the yard and into this new space, lined it with hefty tree limbs that fell in a storm, and scattered these seeds about with some mulch. we'll see how well they come up this late in summer.

a recent sewing project - a clothespin bag! i had been leaving the clothespins out on the line, but my brand new bamboo pins were getting moldy too quickly for my taste, so i sewed up this over-the-shoulder bag to carry in and out with the laundry. my clothespins should last a lot longer now.

my ultimate clothespin dream is to learn enough about woodworking that i can start to carve my own (of the old school variety, of course... no metal hinges or springs). i have a feeling they would last longer and not break like these ones sometimes do.