how i wash my hair

i haven't used shampoo for a few months now - since the end of april, when i mentioned my first experiments with the baking soda and vinegar method described at one green generation.

well, here's an update - it's still going well. my hair feels wonderful, i shower once or twice a week and wash my hair most of those times, and it takes a lot longer to get greasy than when i was using normal soap/shampoo. my setup is a bit different than what Melinda uses, though, so i thought i'd post about it.

she recommends using bottles with long stems and rather small holes - i haven't come across any like that yet (not that i've specifically searched for them), so i've been using a small plastic bowl. 

i get my hair wet, pour about a spoonful's worth of baking soda into the bowl, add water until i have a full bowl (this is while the shower is going, so i just stick it under the stream), stir it with my fingers, pour over my head strategically, and then massage my scalp with my fingers for a minute or two. rinse with water.

to 'condition', i rinse that bowl out, add a splash (1-2 spoonfuls?) of vinegar, fill back up with water, and pour over my head. rinse with normal water and revel in the silky smoothness that is your now-clean hair. hooray!

i'm still using the vinegar and baking soda in their normal containers, though, and that's something i'd like to change. it's awkward to have a cardboard box of baking soda and a large jug of vinegar sitting on the side of the tub behind the shower curtain during my showers, so i might fill up two mason jars instead and use those until i find better containers. but in the meantime, this works well. no more worries about sodium lauryl and laureth sulfates.

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