how i de-stink my armpits

well, 'de-stink' may be a rather harsh term. ever since i stopped using conventional deodorants and anti-persperants (in 2007!), i've noticed that i maintain a constant scent. it's a human scent, distinctly different from a stagnant 'funk' or typical sweaty 'body odor', and i rather like it. nonetheless, i do work a conventional job, and so to keep the scent to a minimum i use a deodorant. (wondering what's wrong with conventional deodorant? it's the aluminum)

for several years i purchased "tom's of maine" brand deodorant. i liked the evergreen-type scent the best, but after a number of weeks or a few months it stopped working and started irritating my skin. the same went for any different variety of tom's that i tried. i did try a few other brands, but eventually decided that $4-7 for a stick of deodorant in a non-recyclable container, no matter how groovy the source, was too much (especially if it didn't work consistently).

once again thanks to one green generation i have made the switch to a d.i.y. alternative. a simple mix of baking soda and cornstarch (very cheap, easy to find ingredients) shaken up in a jar and applied with a small flannel wipe does the trick for me. i apply it once a day, or more if i'm going out and want to especially freshen up. i hear some folks only have to use it once every two or three days (they must stink less than me).

also, this oughta work whether you've got hair under there or not. i don't shave my armpits, and it works just fine patting it on just as one would if one shaved.

i've been using this home-made powder mix for just under six months now, and it has continued to make me happy and satisfied as a sound method for de-stinkifying.

note from 2014: i've written and update/'part 2' of this post! click here to read it. 

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nateums said…
it doesn't irritate your skin? what about your clothes? does it stain them in any way?
hennalion said…
hey nateums,

no, it doesn't irritate my skin. if you look at the link i posted to one green generation, there's more info there - the lady there started with just baking soda cause she was caught without deodorant. just the straight baking soda can be irritating, but you mix it in... 1 part baking soda to 6 parts cornstarch. the cornstarch actually works a bit as an antiperspirant.

so no skin irritation, and i haven't noticed any negative effects on my clothes. if i get really sweaty, the fabric dries a bit stiff, but that happened before i used this deodorant also.
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