birthday food - guacamole and homemade pizza

not a whole lot to write about here without getting into politics, but i wanted to share a few nice pictures from my birthday feast. since i'm trying really hard not to eat cow-dairy products, i thought buying a few avocados and making guacamole would be a good way to substitute something exciting and spreadable in my wraps without feeling sad that i wasn't using cheese.

we ended up making the guacamole for my birthday, with some nice fresh roma tomatoes, a few cloves of garlic, and a bit of seasoning. it turned out to be delicious! hooray for healthy, yummy foods.

the pizza turned out well, too. we brushed a whole wheat crust with olive oil and then spread around chopped peppers, garlic, and tomatoes. the rest of the toppings we each chose for our own half - nux added cheese, fresh basil, and some nice seasonings. i added goat cheese, lots of fresh pesto, and some sliced yellow squash from the garden (some of the pepper was from our garden, too). into the oven it went, and then into our bellies along with chips and guacamole while we watched a movie. what a birthday!