up to lately

what've i been up to lately? lots of gardening. moving mulch, pulling up landscaping fabric and black plastic, moving wheelbarrows full of dirt, sowing flower and herb seeds, watering veggies, smelling basil, admiring Teeny tiny tomatoes and squash, scything and mulching, and praying to the gods and goddesses of germination.

i've also been reading 'guerilla gardening' (http://www.guerillagardening.org/) alongside work and cleaning up our house for when nux's parents stop by this weekend for a visit. we Finally got a bookshelf (a nice big one, too!) so nux got to unload a few boxes of books this morning, after months of delay. i'm keeping an eye out for more - we could fill another two bookshelves, for sure (especially with all my crafty stuff and all the books i've been making in the past months).

not much else going on. just work, and keeping up with laundry and the pup and trying to eat healthy. i've been making herbal infusions (red clover, nettles) pretty often, and eating salads and healthy wraps with cherry tomatoes (store bought, for now). and i'm trying Really hard not to eat dairy for a while - at least cheese and milk. i still eat a tiny bit of butter now and then, and i'm considering yogurt and goat cheese to be okay. i'm just way too addicted to cow's milk and cheese. i have a feeling they're making my menstrual cycles more of a pain, too.

what have you been up to? any gardening, harvesting, exploring?


fullfreezer said…
Hi. long time no see! It sounds like you've been busy. We've been battling too much rain and not enough time this year so the garden is looking pretty weedy. But, we had the first three tiny cherry tomatoes last week. YUM!