work, work, and more work

the title pretty much sums it up. i've been working a lot, although less than last month (thank goodness!), and when i'm not working my official job i'm designing and editing calendars, making books, and posting all sorts of business-y goodness online.

and of course there's the requisite snuggling with my lady and our lil pup. franny pup got spayed yesterday, so we're snuggling her extra good and making sure she gets a lot of rest. we've been going on a lot of long walks with her lately, but will have to take a break while she heals up.

the garden is coming along well despite three days of torrential downpours. we bought tomato transplants (8 of em, 2 types of cherry) from a local greenhouse after all but one of our transplants bit the dust. we got pepper starts from the manhattan farmers market and from friends, as well. and all of our basil starts are shooting up, with some help from us in the form of mulch and tlc. i also seeded a bunch of flowers and a salad mix, and at least a bunch of the zinnias and a few sunflowers are sprouting, along with a handful of beets - we'll see how many actually make it (fingers crossed!). 

i haven't taken many pictures lately other than those of my books, but here's one of the lilies that's been blooming in our front yard. beautiful! =) and there's miss franny, getting bigger every day (she weighs nearly 22 pounds now!).