over a month

the last month has been so unimaginably busy for me. i...

-traveled to the farm and cleaned up our plot, came back,
-trained and started working at a new restaurant in town (7-8 shifts/week)
-made a new tincture and dried herbs for tea,
-planned my first advertisement in a magazine,
-traveled to visit my grandmother during her last days fighting cancer,
-started sewing goddess/totem dolls,
-scythed the yard multiple times
-completely built and planted a raised bed veggie garden,
-finally completely patched my favorite and rattiest pair of jeans,
-sewed a sturdy new basket liner for my toilet wipes,
-got a kansas license,
-and So much more.

i am exhausted. i have wanted very badly to have free time for blogging, for uploading pictures, and for creating and uploading updates for my businesses, but there has literally been time only for the most necessary work, eating, and sleep. but i am still here, and still mostly happy, and i promise i will post some pictures and exciting and beautiful and inspiring stories soon.

i hope you're enjoying the end of spring, wherever you are. take pictures of the flowers before they change - you'll regret it if you don't.