seedlings and spring blooms

 moving, moving, moving... that's all we've been doing for the past week and a half. well, that, and trying to earn as much money as we can, and starting seedlings, and getting a new puppy, and !!!! okay, so we've been doing a lot. and spring has been busy waking up the plants around here at the same time, so i'm a week behind on what's blooming out here. in just two days the forsythia bushes went from bare to bursting with yellow, the redbuds went from tight, deep colored buds to vibrant fuschia blooms, and daffodils are everywhere and tulips are on the way.

here are some blooms from the moving days.

beet sprouts after six days. i love how vivid they are!

a tree outside our apartment leafing out. it only took two days to go from buds to this!

the neighbor with the crocuses had daffodils by the end of march.

then i walked down the street and found this red bud preparing to bloom.

then 'round the block, a neighbor's forsythia was suddenly covered in yellow!

on the way to the grocery store, this spot of red caught my eye, and i stopped to investigate.

in their street corner garden, i found a beautiful red bulb and - more daffodils!

heading home once again, i spotted these Teeny tiny grape hyacinths by the road.

something weird happened with this picture, but i kind of like it!

and finally, that very same day of many flowers, we got to pick out a puppy!!!! nux's favorite was the brown and white girl in the back.

march 31st turned out to be a great day. beautiful weather, puppy visiting, flowers blooming everywhere, and - i went to the new olive garden and applied for a job, and was hired on the spot! whew *wipes brow* that takes some stress off!


elaine said…
Radishes! Why didn't I think of that? :) My cherry tomato seedlings are cute as a button, and holy cow you should see the Asian pear tree in the backyard -- flowers everywhere, and now bright green leaves too!!! One thing I learned this year, you don't need to start beans indoors, because they grow like a foot in a week, haha.