sunbathing squirrel

yesterday i went out onto our balcony to soak up a bit of sun. it was a brisk spring day, but once i got into the sunlight it felt wonderful. then i noticed... a squirrel! i know, not unusual. but this one was Lying Down on a branch nearby. it knew i was there, i hadn't been particularly quiet. and it stared at me, and continued to sunbathe, its chin resting on the branch, tail blowing in the cool breeze.

i have never seen a squirrel be so still for so long. it laid there for well over an hour, and then switched places, and laid on another branch for an hour or two more. incredible! the sun must have felt Really good. it didn't look hurt at all when it did move around, so i assume it must have been sunbathing! what do you think? have you ever seen a squirrel lie around all afternoon?