roller coaster

oh, my goodness! the last two weeks have been a roller coaster, and the last few days even more so. nux and i have been trying to settle into our apartment in kansas, but as time wore on the situation with our housemate seemed more and more shaky. so we started looking - excitedly, but not with complete focus - at houses for rent, hoping to find a place with a yard (garden!) and space for a puppy to roam.

here's nux with another loveable dog, back in 2008

nux is set on the getting a puppy part. she has waited years and years, and so that's been one of our bottom-line requirements: must allow a dog. she's even stretched to consider a one year old dog if necessary, but really she wants a puppy so she can train it more fully from the get go.

so we were looking at houses on craigslist and in the newspaper, and i went and checked out a few while she was at work the other day. one of them turned out to be much more romantic and alluring in the daytime, when i could see its spacious yard, burbling creek and ample patio space. unfortunately, i called back to express our interest half a day too late - it had rented out the evening before. ugh!

cutest house we could ever afford! wait'll we get some garden going...

but - with some patting of backs and sad hugs, we called our next few places, looked at two together this morning, and two more i checked out on my own early this afternoon. one of them is in wamego (10-15 miles from manhattan), in a charming little neighborhood, and it is cute. i mean, little garden spaces all marked off with nice timbers, clean paint and a shapely tree out front, a driveway and garage And a shed out back, with room for a puppy to run around. and it comes with a washer and dryer, and has two bedrooms. it's at the top of our price range, but since we're looking for a place to grow into for (hopefully!) a few years, we'd much rather be somewhere that we'd be excited and eager to call home. and i think this place will really do the trick. now, as long as the land lord lets us garden...

spring bulbs are coming up!

really, it's looking up. i already saw bulbs poking out from one patch of garden, and the landlord okay'd the puppy option, so we're jumping at the bit. i won't see the inside of the house until 9:30 tonight, and if all goes well (fingers crossed!) i'll be writing a deposit check this very evening.

wish me luck!


fullfreezer said…
Oh, I hope you find your place. It's so nice to have a place to call your own- even if rented. And welcome to the ID challenge! It's a great way to track your progress.