new things!

we got the house! we don't move in until april first, but we got it! i'm going to start seedlings in the next few days.

and i've made a bunch more books in the past few days. here's one of them, made from an empty triscuits box =) there are two triscuits books, because... i love triscuits. haha.

and, this is what i'm seeing around the neighborhood these days! i can't wait to have a yard of my own. flowers and herbs, here i come!


lovinglandbase said…
are all the journals in the top pic done with coptic binding too?

it looks like some are bound with ribbon, is that right?
hennalion said…
hey lovinglandbase! some of the journals are coptic bound, and some of them are bound using japanese stab binding (those are the ones done with ribbon).

the few that have fabric or collaged covers are done in various ways before i learned those two binding methods (except the brown corduroy one, which is japanese stab bound).

i really like binding with ribbon =)