lingering ice and hopes of spring

icicles outside my apartment
in the past week i've seen the last icicles melt outside and have heard the birds warming up their voices for the songs of spring. the past three days have been in the sixties, with fresh blue skies, a warming sun, and delicious winds that are finally losing their winter's edge.

nux and i have finally moved the last of our things from her parents' home two hours away, and so we finally have her house plants sitting by the window (including a large mass cane and ficus), and our bikes! i've done laundry by hand once again (after putting it off for a few days), and am plugging away at my computer work each evening.

i find myself alternating between wishing for more money, and damning the fact that i have any at all. i want to go see a movie now and then with my sweetie, and i rather need a new pair of pants (and though i hope to make a pair for myself, i see that taking longer than is reasonable), and sometimes i want to buy a little snack for myself. other times i wonder how little money i could survive with, how much food we can grow on this balcony, when it will be that we finally get that little piece of land so we can take care of ourselves more sustainably. i suppose i'm having trouble living in the present. but the concept of working for money still frustrates me and brings out a strong vein of stubbornness. and really all i want to do with my time is grow food and make things. i don't want to require a computer for work, or to use water from the county to wash my dishes and take showers. i want rain water, and some bare earth, and some trees.

i've gone on about that enough, though. alright, back to the surface update - i've been reading a lot lately. recent authors have included karen cushman, robin mckinley, and monica furlong on the young adult fiction front. i've also read 'my ishmael' and 'the story of b' by daniel quinn and 'songs of the dead' by derrick jensen.

and i've been eating salads, and yesterday got to purchase a few local hothouse tomatoes that are delicious. today i enjoyed a salad with tomato chunks and a tomato-mozzarella sandwich that was wonderful to eat. it's been several months since i've had flavorful tomatoes. what a treat.

i haven't done much on the book-calendar-henna front, although i did hang up a few little flyers for my henna business around town. i'm hoping to put up many more and get some business streaming in. if i can find a place to take appointments and book a few festivals i should be able to supplement my computer work well enough that i won't need another job. that'd make me really happy.

ah, and i'm still using that natural deodorant that i mentioned a few posts ago. it works as well as, and sometimes better than, normal (normal meaning tom's or other aluminum-free deodorant) deodorant. mostly i find that the more active i am (and the less Nervous or Stressed i am), the less i sweat.

last but not least, i'm hoping that the next week or so will include a venture into the world of seed starting. i'd like to try to seed some salad greens in our window, but i need to find flats and a planting mix, and then hope and pray that the seeds get enough sunlight, enough warmth, etc to germinate and grow well until it's warm enough to set them outside. i don't have the money (and don't want to Spend money) for grow lights, heating pads, or fancy setups, but i'm hoping that i can still grow some tasty food on a $0 budget.

are you growing anything this spring? indoors, or out? making anything crafty? readying any exciting books? i wanna hear!