garden planning

we're just days away from moving into our new home in wamego, kansas, and so i've got newspaper pots all lined up and ready for seed starting. i thought i'd share what i'll be sowing this year in case you're interested. if you'd like to hook up with the awesome seed business i've been working for, check them out on facebook! they just created a page a few days ago, so you can become their fan! here's the link - southern exposure seed exchange on facebook.

okay. so in my garden i'll grow... (links go to product pages at southern exposure... most have pictures! and some of the pictures are even from my garden!)

lettuce: bronze mignonette, jericho romaine, deer tongue, buttercrunch, anuenue, limestone bibb
greens: red ursa kale and long standing bloomsdale spinach
squash: yellow crookneck
tomatoes: german red strawberry, lollipop, matt's wild cherry, zarnitsa
peppers: king of the north, corno di toro, kevin's early orange
beets: early wonder, detroit dark red
carrots: haven't got seed yet
peas/beans: maybe black coco dry bean, maybe white acre cowpea, maybe others

english munstead lavender, lemon bergamot, garlic chives, common sage, echinacea, yellow echinacea, mullein, calendula resina, peppermint, cumin, motherwort, sweet genovese basil, lemon basil, eritrean basil, anise-hyssop

yellow torch tithonia, tina james' magic evening primrose, memories of mona cosmos, giant imperial mixed colors larkspur, state fair zinnia, mammoth russian sunflower, moonflower, cardinal flower, nicotiana, early sensation mixed colors cosmos, marvel of peru four o clocks, rose moss portulaca, black hollyhock, scarlet o' hara morning glory, przemko poppy

can you tell i'm excited? heh. i want to grow even more herbs... we'll see how many i actually get in the earth and growing. hopefully many! and hopefully i can mix these three sections into several beautiful and functional garden beds. i have a space in the back end of the yard by the shed in mind for sunflowers and pole beans... i don't know where i'll have space for all these herbs, but i'll have to find some! maybe a bed along the driveway?

alright, now i haven't posted the 'independence days challenge' update since the 8th, so i'm catching up:

1. Plant something - made paper pots, bought seed starting mix, chose varieties to grow
2. Harvest something - harvested sunshine on a few nice days. sun on my skin makes me feel great.
3. Preserve something - nada
4. Waste Not - efficiently using every last bit of fresh food we've got. still waiting for that new compost pile
5.  Want Not - remembered that i could make paper pots instead of buying flats, looked up a simple shampoo alternative for future sustainability steps, dreamed up ways to make tiny changes that will make my life feel more rich and full
6. Build Community Food Systems - showed my mom how to make paper pots over the internet, offered info to others. looking forward to posting flyers and meeting other gardeners in my new home town.
7. Eat the Food - nux keeps making me these delicious salads... what more can i ask for? and thank goodness for local hothouse tomatoes! they taste great!