awesome eco village needs your support!

hey friends,

the ecovillage that i lived down the road from in the spring, is having a pedal-powered blog-a-thon for 24 hours starting tomorrow afternoon (March 26). yes, pedal-powered! as in, biking to power the computer to power the blogging to power the community! take a look here: sustainablog - and if you're ready to donate early, here's the donation page.

here are a few photos from the ecovillage in the fall of 2008.

home made out of salvaged wood

skyhouse, a sub-community powered with solar panels

a shed with a beautiful door

beautiful clouds at sunset

tamar's house, beautifully colored with natural paints

the milkweeds' beautiful home

beautiful wooden shakes adorn the new mercantile building

awesome double-apartment made from a grain bin

dancing rabbits in a garden at the ecovillage