new green step and new craft step

a few days ago i did something new and exciting - i carved my first rubber stamp for making block prints. it's a flower, of a vague henna style, and i think i did a pretty good job for never having done it before! i'm looking forward to creating some cards or little book covers or something to print it on. i want to do a mandala next. and i'm considering attempting a huge carve of one of my calendars to see if i might want to offer hand-printed calendars instead of going to a printer (since leaving acorn i've found the fedex actually can't print as well as acorn's printer can! and i can't afford my own yet).

my other new and exciting step was to make my own deodorant today. i haven't had my own personal stick of deodorant in a while, and since 2007 it's been tom's or similar aluminum-free deodorant. i've found that since i've lived on farms and lived outdoors more, i don't actually need deodorant as much. i suffered through high school with anxieties around sweaty armpits, layering tops, and trying to look dry throughout every single day. now i find the more that i move around and have an active and healthy lifestyle, the less sweaty i am.

well, i'm not very active right now. i'm sitting in an apartment, working at a computer, sitting around reading for leisure, and every few days kneeling on the balcony to do some laundry. today i went for a walk to the grocery store (2.4 miles total) just to get some exercise - i think i might do that more often from now on. i read a book on the way to distract me from the cold biting wind.

but i digress. i want to sweat less, even though i know i'm going to be more indoors and sedentary til spring comes. so i looked over to one green generation for a simple deodorant recipe, and mixed up my own today. it felt great putting it on (it feels counter-intuitive to put normal, moist deodorants on when the idea is to stay Dry), and has felt wonderful so far all day. i'm definitely way less sweaty, even in our over-warm apartment.

more updates to come soon!