book maker

i've been making books and making more books and setting aside materials for even more. i made corn muffins today and am Totally going to make a jiffy corn muffins book. a couple of my books have sold over the last week and a half, and it's really exciting ^_^ it feels so great to make a bit of money from the things that i create (most of which are made from would-be trash!). i'm working on promoting my shop without being a pain-in-the-butt salesperson. i made a facebook fan page so i'm not flooding my profile with business-y stuff all the time. i might even make a Twitter account. i know. talk about extreme.

and i finally posted things on the deviantart account that i've had for four years, and found out that they can automatically offer prints of photos i upload - awesome!

what else? it's cold here, but we haven't had any snow like virginia has. mostly i've been working, and working some more, and reading some of my favorite authors from adolescence. lately that's robin mckinley and karen cushman. who were your favorites?