back to the prairie

that dandelion tincture is still brewing, but it's traveled over a thousand miles in the process. i'm back in the midwest, and although it was a swift and rather unexpected change, i'm glad for it.

settling into a new room - here's my craft/book nook

nux and i have been back together for over two months and i couldn't be happier. i finally have someone strong enough and loving enough to stick around while i learn to be (embarrassingly) vulnerable, and someone willing to call me on my shit so that we can get along with each other more smoothly. of course, that means i have to brave up, too - i've always been the 'flexible' (good euphemism for passive aggressive) type in the past. now i'm learning to deal with real, justifiable Undesirable emotions (like anger, whoa, since when am i allowed to be angry!?) in a healthy way, and of course it's a bumpy ride, but it feels good because i know i'm making progress and i'm with a great lady who's helping me out in the meantime.

an ongoing project - my first embroidery, a mandala on my favorite jeans

i'm loving the lemon balm lip balm that i made awhile back, and have also used it as a burn salve recently (ovens are hot). the local co-op grocery here sells all sorts of herbs and little tincture bottles and everything i'll need that i feel Super geeky and excited about buying, like i'm an adolescent witch buying my supplies for magic school. heh. yes, i have read too much harry potter.

one of the new books, from a pie box! oh, life is fun.

i've been on a book making spree, too, and am learning to adjust to apartment life again. mostly this means not having access to basic resources that made life easier at ____ farms and at acorn. like always having office supplies around, or places to walk that didn't involve sidewalks or car exhaust, or gardens that knew and loved you, or everyone's leftovers that i turned into crafty things (old paper, cardboard, all sorts of neat stuff). but there's adventure in the adjustment, and i'm looking forward to making friends with the ladies at the library who have kindly lent me their paper cutter twice already. ah, to have a library card again.

awesome light and plant shadows in our new apartment

what else? i've been reading some of my favorite authors from my adolescence, robin mckinley and karen cushman, and once the movie-hype is over i'll finally be able to check out the first book in the percy jackson series that my mom's been raving about. i started reading it in her living room before i hit the road, and it was a good beginning.

i suppose that's it for now. more pictures coming soon. before you know it things will be sprouting green and lively and i'll be back to bugs and gardens and rainbows again =)


Danny said…
Yeah, I too am seeing it's kind of tough learning to be less "flexible" and more healthily emotive. Good luck!