winter scenery and herbal witchery

we got a big snow here lately - just shy of 2 feet. pretty deep for virginia, where after over four years in richmond i only saw One winter of snow, and it was a measly four inches. i got some nice pictures, which you can see at my flickr page. i especially liked this one of the wreath that i made, and was glad i remembered to take one of the wreath at all! i had never made a wreath before. it was exciting and fun, and simple. i used limbs that i cut from an evergreen that always tickles my head when i walk under it on the way to the farmhouse.

and i've been doing more witchy, herbal things. last night i finished decanting the herbal massage oils (really just herb-infused olive oil). they had been decanted on the 21st, but after a few days you're supposed to pour off the oil to get rid of any water that settles to the bottom. i missed a bit of water in one jar, which stinks, but they look really pretty and clean other than that. i feel proud for creating them, even though it was a simple process. it seems like it mostly takes patience and a bit of committment.

i also made lip balm out of grated beeswax and the lemon balm infused oil. it's yummy! i made it too hard, but it still works. i'm going to clean out old chapstick containers and re-melt it so i can fill them. right now it's in a tiny altoid's tin, which is pretty cute.

and earlier today, when i was feeling frustrated with the world, i went for a weed walk and harvested some beautiful dandelion. i'm going to make my first tincture out of it! it'll help my liver process all sorts of stuff, help support my whole digestive system, clear my skin up, and generally be a great strengthener during the winter. i'm excited about it. plus i got to take this cute picture of it hanging from my altar tree.

ah! i almost forgot. my big request for this time of year, is calendars. i didn't have a calendar this year, but i know many folks do - don't throw them away! consider making homemade envelopes with pretty scenes on them. it's easy and fun, and makes your letters more interesting! if you don't want to make envelopes, consider sending your old calendar to me! i would really appreciate it. i'll even write you a letter IN one of the envelopes i make from your calendar if you do. just e-mail me for my address.

i had a request lately to write more about my food choices in case others might find some benefit in the story, so that'll be the theme for my next string of posts, most likely. be ready to comment - i'd love to hear about your food journeys, too.

and that's it for me! have a safe new year's, folks. it's a full AND a blue moon on new year's eve, so drive extra safe and have your wits about you. there's werewolves out there.


love, peace, and snails -