sunsets at acorn

more days have passed, and nothing too spectacular has happened. life at acorn can be good in that way - a relatively simple day-to-day existence, full of laughing friends, warm nights of singing or movie watching, and the most wonderfully tempting sunsets.

i'll have to take a lot more pictures over time to document this, but sunsets at acorn are incredible. heartwood is situated in such a way that you often find yourself looking east around sunset, but the falling light catches everything in the east so dramatically in its wash of gold that you can't help but walk out to the fields to look west.

a few nights ago when i was sitting in my room, i realized there was a striking band of deep orange along the horizon, being snuffed out by a velvety blue evening in mid-descent. i went outside to gather my laundry from the line in the waning light, and brought my camera to grab the colors. here they are, silhouetting the trees. i love winter sunsets like this.

and here's another sunset that i don't think i shared yet - in richmond, when i went for a henna gig. it lit up this old factory, and dipped it in gold. and left the clouds skudding pink along a blue sky.

oh! and i made my first ever etsy sale! woohoo! to a lady in virginia. she bought this sweet little sun and moon journal that i made out of junkmail. i am so proud and excited! it would make my life so much easier if i could make a steady little stream of money from making crafty things.

and to round out a post full of pictures, here are my old gloves. i made them back in 2007, out of a hole-filled sweater found in acorn's commie clothes. i just cut them from the sleeves (to take advantage of the cuffs), and then tried to sew them up with floss. they lasted a long time, but were getting ragged.

now i admit, the hobo look was a good bit of their appeal to me, but i want to keep wearing them for awhile yet, and as there were long bits of yarn hanging off here and there, and holes developing, i took some yarn and my new knitting skills and tidied them up a bit. now they're ready for a few more winters!


Nice pics. Happy holidays and all that. I would be interested in learning more about your experience at Acorn. eg, why did you go there? Why did you leave?