new henna pictures and spiral moon calendars!

this is a quick late-night post, because i just wanted to make two announcements.

1. there are pretty new pictures up at my henna web site, artisan henna. they show a beautiful pregnant belly and two hand/arm designs from a baby shower that i did back in october.

2. i also just announced on my henna site that in a few days i'll be launching beautiful spiral moon calendars for winter and spring. they're great for tracking your moon cycles/menstruation, your moods and cravings, your good days and bad days, and whatever else you can imagine. i designed them myself and have been using them for a year now, and it seemed like it was high time to share them with others. i don't know how much to charge for them yet, and i'm not sure what format i'll offer, but... go take a look at the post! i really appreciate your feedback =)