a new dawn

apparently realigning myself toward healthier patterns is paying off. i've been a lot happier lately, have been able to let emotions flow in and out rather than clinging to them and hanging on for dear life. my food choices haven't been great, but i've noticed an increased ease in hearing what messages my body is trying to send, which makes it incredibly obvious when i choose foods that aren't nourishing.

nux and i are doing well, spending a lot of relaxing and supportive time together talking and swapping massages. i feel like i'm slowly learning how to really take care of myself. and with all that, my intuition has kicked in (now that i can tell i'm listening!) and has led me down an exciting path. i've been working on these spiral moon calendars lately, and a few days ago i e-mailed the folks that take care of selling susun weed's books on herbalism and wise woman traditions. i asked if they'd consider selling my calendars in their shop in some format.

i got a positive response, was told we might set up drop shipping, and then that got put on the back burner due to holiday madness. what was offered instead was an incredible amount of promotion - a link in susun weed's e-newsletter (monthly), and a mention on her facebook page, which has 5,000 viewers. holy cow!

so the link was posted tonight, and i sat watching the dashboard for my henna web site (where i'm selling the calendars) and watched the pageviews climb... and climb... and climb. after around two hours well over a hundred people had clicked through to my site, and i had sold my first calendar.

i had to run upstairs to nux's room to give her about fifty high-fives, some hugs, and a massage because i was so giddy with excitement and energy. then i went back downstairs, kept working on the southern exposure site, and peeking at my site now and again. and then i sold two calendars. and then one woman wanted a whole year's worth, for her and her daughter! and i sold another one an hour ago!

i am SO incredibly, over the moon excited about this. and nervous! i can't wait to hear how people like my calendars, what works for them and what doesn't, and find out if this could be a tiny source of income for me, making new calendars as the seasons fade and grow and the years spiral forward. WOOHOO!!! i made money doing creative fun geeky stuff that i LOVE! this rocks ^_^