keeping busy

this is the time of year for keeping busy. it's a dangerous time - the weather is sneaking in the direction of cold and dark, and for me that means a lack of energy and motivation - things i already struggle with at the best of times.

yesterday was a great day for me. i was still definitely sick, but had just enough energy to do a few exciting things to boost my spirits.

laundry. i wash my cloth wipes by hand. a little while ago i tried washing them in a machine for the first time ever. it didn't go well. i felt bad for potentially contaminating the washing machine (though i know folks wash cloth diapers, which is the same thing), it didn't clean the wipes as well as i can by hand, and a few stains remained that i can always get out by hand washing.

so yesterday it was back to the washboard, out back of the laundry room, amidst the bare trees and carpet of leaves. with my dr. bronner's and a hand stick for stirring, i went to work. the real impetus for the wash-session was the growing pile of completely disgusting handkerchiefs (hey, i'm sick!). i even cut two new handkerchiefs out of old flannel. they are incredibly soft and comfortable.

and just now i had to dash outside in the dark to gather my wipes and hankies from the line, as the rain has snuck in. but here they are in a picture, still being scrubbed.

yesterday evening i hosted another installment of 'old fashioned mondays' (be there and be square!). myself and several lovely ladies gathered for hours of knitting, crochet, mending, and cloth-wipe-making. i made a new batch of peppermint tooth powder, mended two handkerchiefs, completed a stack of 10 baby wipes for a friend, and even started knitting my very first HAT! i'm so excited. i've never completed a knitting project before, only knit the first few rows and then given up. but this one... i've already got around 15-20 rows, and given that i was up until 3am determined to see progress, i doubt i'll be stopping any time soon.

we even had a few gentlemen drop in - one to play old fashioned music (on his old-fashioned 2007 laptop), another to read a book about the politics of the elizabethan era, and a third who said he simply liked to sit and watch us work.

wish me luck on the hat!