late summer at the farm

my last views of the farm were full of flowers and delicious vegetables. here a few of those vibrant images to pick you up after these past few days of rain.

late summer harvest - huge bowls full of tomatoes, hands full of peppers, watermelons! and more squash. i planted mostly cherry and grape tomatoes because those are my favorites - lollipop tomato was a favorite. the cherry types were matt's wild cherry and riesentraube.

this is a four o' clock, variety 'marvel of peru'

beautiful cherry tomatoes, ripening in succession.

one of the beauties in our herb garden - blessed thistle.

a sweet flower from a generic mix - love in a mist.

one of our mammoth grey stripe sunflowers bowing overhead. i'm 5'9" and it was well above me!

from our climbing flowers trellis, the morning glories were the most successful. i wish we had planted sooner.

here's a sugar baby watermelon. i harvested ten in all.

these wild sunflowers grew in a few spots in our garden, but i couldn't really be upset at them.

spanish brocade marigolds, my old favorite. i save seed from them every year.


Stacy said…
I came across your blog today and wanted to let you know that you take beautiful pictures!
hennalion said…
thank you! i try =) my camera is a few years old now, but it holds up well. though i do have to hold the battery door shut, open the lens cover manually, and generally make up for oddities due to its age and condition.

but! pretty pictures are the goal, and it gets the job done. thank you, macro function!
Wonderful stuff Joan. The morning glory is spectacular with light coming through it.
Lord Obsidian said…
Tom here. Loving the photography! Please keep it up!
memeticist said…
i love all the pretty pictures in your blog