workshops, toilet wipes, and more?

i said i'd report back on the day of workshops - well, it was a long day! i woke up early to get out to tufton farm and hang a sign to help possibly-confused motorists on their way to the workshops, helped set up, and then settled in to enjoy a few presentations by local authorities on creating wildlife habitat, providing for butterflies throughout all their life stages, replacing invasive ornamentals with beneficial natives, and extending your harvest into the fall and through the winter.

there was some good information in there! mike dye, who presented on creating wildlife habitat, admitted that really he was just talking about quail, but disguised as a talk on wildlife habitat. he works for the dept. of game and inland fisheries, and so much of his work is focused on creating habitat for 'game' - oft hunted animals that are in decline because wild spaces have been turned into rigid tree lines and sterile pastures.

the natives vs. invasives talk gave me a few good ideas for what plants i might use around the farmhouse, which is in desperate need of landscaping. it's a tricky spot, though, as it's shady all the time and dry.

i don't have any pictures from the day, but i can offer you the past-due picture of the cloth wipes i've been making. now that i'm at acorn they come in handy - there are so many people living here nowadays that the bathrooms are always full! having a wipe in your back pocket gives you the freedom to create your own bathroom whenever you need it.

here is the second of two different types i've made so far - from two different old flannel shirts. these lighter ones are slightly more stiff, but still comfortable to use.