bridal henna and other stories

last night i did henna for an indian bridal party, and had a blast. everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy their mehndi work, and by the end of the night i was smilin' big and (at long last) my wallet was no longer empty. oh, the joys of this job! visit artisan henna for more photos.

in other news, yesterday acorn received its seasonal issue of joyful dissent, a zine from a local... collective? group? community? i don't know what they are! but they're based in charlottesville, and they put out a wonderful zine every so often that is hand cut and pasted and typed and has fun art and provoking thoughts and all sorts of tempting suggestions of how one might interact with the world.

one such item was a zine-making workshop they're offering thurs, oct 15. let me know if you want details! it's in cville. i think i'll go. another event mentioned (or rather, series of events) was something alexis at woodfolk house (also in cville) is putting on called 're-creating the world' workshops (discussion and then hands on work) on sustainable living, composting, alternative energy, building, fruit tree grafting, etc etc. and they're free! he's at looks like if you want details you should e-mail him - address is on his site.

hey look! zinnias from shagbark!
other excitement coming up - a day of workshops focused around sustainability will be the first collaborative effort between virginia master gardeners and virginia master naturalists. that's happening tuesday, so expect a report back.

also, where the wild things are comes to theaters soon! it's right around my Mom's birthday, so i'm hoping to take her for a night on the town. conveniently timed near a baby shower i'll be doing henna for - so more pictures to come!

hoping you're well. please comment! tell me what you want to hear, and i'll write about it!


elaine said…
Hey Joan! Sounds like you're doing well. It's just been nice reading updates, you do so much awesome stuff. I liked your seedlings in newspaper pots a while back. :) Hope Mousetrap is happy and the henna gigs keep rolling in!