always a new adventure

nux and i set out for virginia thursday morning. with only slight delays due to storms and construction, we stopped outside louisville for a night of rest. we got back on the road friday morning, and around three in the afternoon, during a gas stop, the truck refused to start. good 'ol sandy, our stalwart companion, refused to move! we pushed her into a parking spot, called triple-a, and waited.

we got towed (with the cat still in the truck!) to one shop, when a man ran out the door waving his arms, "hey, we didn't get a call about a truck coming in. we close at five, we can't get to another vehicle today" with a reluctant turn, our tow-truck driver strapped sandy back in and we headed back across the bridge (we were in south charleston, west virginia at this point) to another service station. they were open later, but they couldn't fix our problem. there was a hotel nearby, so we stopped for the night.

friday night - perfect time to break down. well, it's saturday now. thanks to wi-fi i got numbers for about 25 local repair shops and started calling first thing saturday morning. we got sandy towed to a shop that was open until five (the only one!), she got worked on (it was the fuel pump) but with little success. so we're here until monday, when the nice guys at the shop will get a fuel pump from a local isuzu dealer, and hopefully (fingers crossed!) we'll be back on the road again.

until then, here i am - stuck in small-town america, in a hotel. with some fast food and a kroger nearby, the internet, and tv (not to mention my lovely girlfriend and affectionate cat), i guess i can't consider myself to be too poorly. hopefully our wallet won't end up empty. we shall see.


fullfreezer said…
I hope you're back on the road! And keeping your sanity!