last look at the city

we're in our swanky apartment for a few last weeks until the lease is officially broken, and then it's farm life on the east coast for awhile (at least for the winter). i haven't taken any garden pictures in virginia yet, but i did realize that i hadn't shown you any pictures from my last trip to our missouri garden - so here ya go!

dozens and dozens of beautiful tomatoes - all still green when i visited. these we got as transplants from sandhill community down the road, via our friend jacob.

a lovely squash blossom, as wide as my hand.

our very first raspberries from a single cane purchased in spring.

the squash jungle! featuring yellow crookneck and benning's green tint.

white acre southern peas, or 'cow peas' - looking lush!

what grace - blossom on our sugar snap pea plants.

our first harvest - it filled a 5-gallon bucket up over the rim.