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i went to the free market, and had a nice time. it was smaller than i had hoped, but there were still lots of free things, some lively string music, and i got to do henna for a couple of folks. you can see pictures of the henna at

other recent projects have included cleaning the farmhouse kitchen... check out these before/after photos of the refrigerator. gross!

while i've been busy organizing the program and the silent auction for the heritage harvest festival, mousetrap has been exploring... on the roof! she wandered out an unscreened window in the farmhouse onto the porch roof. i think it was the most exciting thing she's done here yet.


fullfreezer said…
I don't think they had any free markets when I lived in Richmond. What fun. I wonder if there are any near here. It could be more fun than dumpster season!
I'm glad you're settling in.
HennaLion said…
no, this free market only started in spring of 2008. yep, sounds like more fun than dumpsters to me! the one here in richmond often is visited by the local 'food not bombs' folks. good stuff.

settling in? i'm not so sure. at least for awhile, it seems. but i miss my missouri garden! i miss it so badly. i'm glad i'll get to visit it soon. i never knew i'd be so attached to plants :)
Greatgodamitey! Is that a cucumber?
HennaLion said…
you know, that's a good question! i think i removed my rational self from the situation - as i often do when cleaning up nasty stuff - and so i'm not really sure What it actually is. heh. if i had a nickel for all the times i cleaned up disgusting messes...