really really free market

my schedule for this week is filling up with exciting things. i'm breaking out of a lease this week, cleaning lots of organic garlic for southern exposure, helping my mom clean her basement (in exchange for cat-sitting! woohoo!), and - most excitingly - going to my first really really free market!

i heard about them sometime last year i think, and it sounded like a great idea then, too. i just wasn't around one (or so i thought). well, a friend of a friend helps put together a free market in richmond and there's one this saturday the 29th, so i think i might go!

it'd be fun to do henna for people and bring a long a few things to get rid of. if you want to join me, check out - you don't need a myspace account to look at the page. this market is at the corner of main and laurel in richmond.

come see me there!