i couldn't post about this earlier, because there was a surprise involved.

nux and i searched for jobs in the city for a month and found nothing. all scams, or with such low pay we'd barely cover rent. the point of the city living was to save money, not just barely get by!

we decided that before we ended up with obligations, we should revisit acorn community in virginia and see if we wanted to live there again. they're planning a new seed office building, a cob visitor hut, orchards, and all sorts of things backed by many folks' enthusiasm. it sounded like the ideal place for us, at least for now when we have no money coming in.

and we surprised my Mom! she had no idea i was coming to the state. it was priceless.

so now we're at acorn, wondering if we should stay, trying to imagine our lives here growing and changing with the community. i still long for a personal shelter that i build with my own hands, but that's against acorn policy (they're an egalitarian community, meaning all resources - including housing - are shared). i think i may just end up camping for a long time so that i can live outdoors more and not be in buildings for quite so much of my days.

i haven't taken any pictures yet! and for that i'm very sorry. i've been sucked back into acorn life, doing lots of henna for interested visitors and recent members, and helping ira prepare for the heritage harvest festival, which will be here in just a few short weeks.

if we do choose to stay, i've got my work cut out for me. it'll be a real challenge to keep my life as simple as i want it while also participating in the projects that interest me. likely those will include renovating old spaces that are in need of repair, turning the orchards into permaculture gardens, landscaping every green space i can get my dirty hands on, and slowly rebuilding the many shabby outbuildings that hold acorn together.

that's about it for now. i don't have any outdoor/garden photos yet, but i do have a few pictures of henna that i've done, so those will have to be the only decoration for this post.

also, i've put my henna web site back online since i'm in-state again and open for business. take a look! it's at

this was done at the watermelon festival in richmond.

a vine-like pattern for a friend at acorn.

and something fun for me to show off at the festival.


fullfreezer said…
Beautiful work! It makes me almost wish we still lived in Richmond. Almost....
Tyme said…
Life is funny that way, full of side roads and false starts. I hope one way or another that your time back at acorn will be a good respite for you before taking on your dream again!