sitting on the back porch
watching bunnies cavort
i struck up a conversation
only the matches weren't waterproof

hey rabbit - can you hear me rabbit?
do you have enough space here?
one day i'd like to put in some foods you like.
i know humans have messed things up, but
i'm doing everything i can.

it had paused, and looked
while i bumbled through my introduction.
at last its voice came through with a fitting response,
pushing past my too-human brain with its
"can it hear me"
      "is my energy still enough"
"i can't tell if it's talking to me"
     "hey rabbit! i'm trying to build a life that's good for all of us"

"well it's About F*cking TIME" it said
before getting back to the most
important business
of romping through the yard with a friend