Procession of Seasons

Life is moving fast as always for Nux and I. The arbor was planted, the garden started growing faster and faster, and we started drawing up plans for our first little cottage to help make the harsh climate more livable.

Our proposal wasn't exactly favored by the membership of the community, and so in hearing their concerns and rethinking our situation, we made a big decision. The heat has been physically hard on Nux, as have the bugs, and my old cat Mousetrap isn't exactly thrilled with the country (she stays in an old chicken coop at night so the coyotes don't get her!). We also need to save Quite a bit more money before any of our dreams can manifest here, and so we moved to the big 'ol city to do the whole 'job and apartment' dance.

It's not going so well on the job front, though. It seems 90% of the jobs we apply for turn out to be scams, and what's left either requires strict qualifications OR it's so degrading that it's hard to consider.

The apartment is great, though. We have a big studio right across from the River Market, an area with lots of live music, a park, a score of yummy ethnic restaurants, and a farmers market three times weekly. We also have two big, deep sunny windowsills and a deep ledge beneath them which we've filled with plants.

Mousetrap is considerably happier, and I must admit having smoothies in the morning is a real treat.

But before I bog you down in city life, here are a few treasures from early summer out on the land.

A sweetly heart-petaled cinquefoil blossom. I took a few of its five-lobed leaves to dry for tea.

Red clover blossoms, also harvested for tea. They smell surprisingly wonderful given that they're such a 'common' plant.

Baby birds in a jar! Their parents were so sneaky that we didn't realize the nest was in this Jar until the eggs were laid. We decided to leave them be, even though they were on our pantry shelves.

And THIS creature! Where to begin? The neon red head, the stripey antennae, the round white tufts on its back, the impressive tail - not to mention the spikes! I found it wandering atop Mousetrap's cathouse.


lovinglandbase said…
great pictures!
i especially like my red clover blossom tea or infusion with a little bit of mint leaf, yum!
ah birds- they find the most unbelievable places to put nests:)
Dannny said…
I hope you're still able to provide awesome pictures, even if they are in a different setting.
risa said…
Really love that cinquefoil photo.