Hoo, boy! It's been two weeks since I've been on a computer and a lot has changed. The main noises in my life are birds and frogs, and occasionally cows. Sitting at a computer sure feels strange.

I'm camping out with Nux on the land we hope to turn into a homestead, and we're figuring out all our basic immediate needs - clean water, a toilet, how to cook our food and clean our dishes and clothes, and how to stay warm/cool.

It's a huge bundle of challenges, and we're facing it a day at a time with no other obligations but survival. It feels great even though it's tough. I'm getting a lot of exercise, eating healthy, basic foods, starting a garden, and finally learning what it feels like to be Free and completely manage all my time however I want.

Pictures coming soon, I promise. Computer access is finally getting easier. Thanks for reading!


fullfreezer said…
What a grand adventure you are on. And I thought our adventure of buying an acreage with a run down old house was out there.
Good luck.
Wishing you best of luck from Iowa.
HennaLion said…
We would've done that if we could! A run down old house would have meant salvage material :D

Wow, looks like you're an active blogger! *drools* We're might even be neighbors. I'm only about 12 miles from the Iowa border. Good stuff :) Thanks for the comment!

P.S. I think you get about 100 extra points for embarking on a homestead adventure with Kids!
Russell said…
Hey Joan.
I'm happy to hear that you and Nux are alive and well and living your dreams. I know you are roughing it out there, but see if you can get some pictures of your paradise to us poor slobs in the asphalt jungles.

Also Joan the Cat says Hi! She's gonna be a year old in a couple days. Crazy right?

Anyways, hope you are wonderful. I miss you!
Watch out for ticks, you two!
HennaLion said…
Oh, there are So many ticks. We're pulling off around ten a day, each of us. Heh. I think ticks are the only thing in my life that drive me to use curse words on a regular basis.