Next Time on Escape to Kansas City

I suppose that's about all I can manage to post for now. I forgot my battery charger and my camera needs fresh batteries before I can take any pictures.

Soon you'll see the seedlings we've started in all their baby-plant glory, images and information on the wild edibles I've been finding on the land, progress in our garden as the chicken wire goes up and the beds are dug, and probably pictures of me, getting more tan and weathered with every day that passes.

I'll especially be posting before and after pictures of my hair - it's long right now, and still has some dreadlocks in it. It's taken too much water and Much too much effort to wash it thoroughly out at camp, so for now I'm cutting it short so it's easier to wash and I can use less water. Wait'll you see me with my fresh hair cut and in my new cowgirl hat! Yeehaw!


fullfreezer said…
Wow! You've had a busy time. I think you are only about 100 miles south of us (Iowa City) and about 25 miles from my parent's farm in southeast Iowa.
If you're interested, there is a small cheese factory near here that sells 55 gallon plastic barrels for about $5 each. I'm not sure, but I think they're food grade (they have something used in making cheese in them originally). We are thinking about getting a few for extra rain barrels. I'll check to see if they're food grade or not.
Enjoy the adventure.