First Lessons

Okay - to recount with a little more detail some of the stories we've lived in the past month...

We arrived at ____ farms and were hosted in a small (8x12ish) cabin at one of their subcommunities. It was made by Chad out of wood (lots of plywood) and has a metal roof and a nice space out front for tool storage, sitting around, and sharing dinners.

Nux and I had brought Plenty of supplies, but only brought a few bags out from the car for this initial visit. We ended up with almost two weeks of a 'visitor period' during which time we got to know the folks in the community, helped them with various projects, and figured out where on the land we wanted to camp should we be accepted as residents.

During the visitor period we were provided food, water, and shelter, and were able to use the infrastructure that Dandelion already had set up. We stayed in their cabin, which was uninsulated. The first week it was around 27 degrees when we'd wake up in the mornings - brushing your teeth with freezing cold water will sure wake you up! Morning sunlight came right into the cabin, and I often woke up right at sunrise.

We had access to their Berkey water filter for drinking water, could use their outdoor kitchen for cooking (though that meant you had to build a fire for the wood stove, and maybe gather firewood first), their pooper for - well, you know - and we could hang out in their (wood)heated barn when we were real cold.

Our biggest lessons during our visitor period came when we wanted to wash ourselves and wash our clothes.