Enjoy the View

Here are a few beautiful images of the land we're camping on. Previously we'd been looking at a spot that was All southern slope with a pond already in place. We decided against it (at least for now) because it has No wind protection and no trees.

The spot we're on now is about 7-8 acres (see the little topo-map) and is shaped like a long rectangle from south to north. The southern line borders a road, and there's a ditch and then a 5-foot ridge that mostly blocks view of the property. After that there's a northern slope and a draw (a low area with trees and water runoff) that comes in from west to east. Then there's a southern slope (this is where we'll tuck a house and gardens. The draw will become a pond) up to a decent sized flat-ish ridge that will be the beginning of our edible forest garden, and will serve as a sun trap to heat up our gardens and home. Beyond the ridge, the land slopes gently northward down to a floodplain and the creek edge. Across the creek is Gooseberry's homestead.

Standing near camp, looking south at the garden, which is east of the draw, and the northern slope that heads up toward the road.

Standing near camp, looking at the draw and the southwest corner of the land. At the right edge of the photo is the road that comes in along the ridge.

Chad and Nina coming down the road (along the ridge). In the distance you can see the neighbor's house. Left of the road is a big gooseberry bush. This shows the western side of the property.

Standing north of the road, this is the northern slope down to the floodplain and the creek. As you can see on the topographical map, this area takes up the most space of any 'area' on the property. It will all be food forest one day.

Standing on the land toward the west, and looking east at our campsite. We're buying the camper from Jacob and will stay in that until we have a small cottage built that we can live in while we build our home. On the left you can see our clothesline, then the camper, the shed, our tent/tarp. The brown spot to the right of that is the shower area, then you see the compost bins and some of the barrels we purchased for food and water storage. And that's all she wrote!