Cleaning Up

After a number of days, Nux and I realized our clothes were real dirty (it was often rainy, which meant we tromped around in mud a lot). And we - well, we got stinky.

With the help of Dandelion's wash tub, wringer, and hand held agitator (and some good advice from Chad), we washed our first load of laundry Without a plugged-in machine. It went something like this:

1. Fill up washtub, add soap, and clothes
2. Agitate for a minute, then let soak 'awhile'
3. Agitate by hand for 20 minutes. While doing so, enjoy nature, ponder the meaning of life, and eat delicious leftovers for lunch
4. Drain water, refill with new pond water, and agitate. This is the Rinse cycle
5. Drain water - repeat rinse cycle as many times as desired
6. Put clothes through the wringer
7. Hang to dry and hope it's windy, cause that's the only fabric softener you've got!

In my next installment of "Firsts" - the adventure of bathing without running water or an indoor bathroom.